Sign Muscle Warranty

Sign Muscle: Sign & Label Protective Coating

Description - Sign Muscle is a crystal clear, tough, polymer coating that surface encapsulates the images and text printed variety of substrates creating extremely durable signs and labels for indoor and outdoor use. Sign Muscle, a liquid monomer, is applied to the substrate after printing and cured by UV light radiation creating a high strength bond.

The polymer coating resists most chemicals, abrasion, staining and repeated washing, weather, pollution etc.. The Sign Muscle surface is smooth and nonporous enabling easy cleaning with conventional industrial cleaners and it’s durability permits washing with high-pressure washing equipment. Unlike traditional laminated products used in the sign industry that rely on adhesives, Sign Muscle is a permanent coating that can’t delaminate. Due to it’s ultra-hard surface, Sign Muscle allows easy removal of graffiti (spray paint, felt marking pens, stickers, etc) without damage to the graphics and text. Print color integrity is significantly improved due to Sign Muscle’s UV inhibiting properties thereby extending the life of all signs and labels, particularly items in outdoor locations.           

Sign Muscle Applications:

  •      Rigid plastic and aluminum signs.
  •      Flexible adhesive backed and non-adhesive substrates including vinyl, polypropylene paper, synthetic paper polycarbonate and polyester materials.
  •      Banner, sign, label, reflective/prismatic and photo luminescent (glow) materials.
  •      Enhanced durability for interior and exterior locations.
  •      Compatible with water based, eco-solvent and UV inks. Sign Muscle improves the appearance of  printed images and text by the resulting gloss appearance of the final product.


  •      Clear transparent polymer film directly bonded to substrate.
  •      Smooth non-porous surface providing a high gloss finish.
  •      Graphics and text are fully surface encapsulated.
  •      Completely stable in a broad temperature nge: -65° to +225°F (-54° to +107°C).
  •      Fully surface encapsulated signs can be pressure washed frequently at pressures up to 3,000 PSI and 225°F with no degradation to the protective coating, graphics or text.
  •      NOTE: signs and labels mounted with pressure sensitive adhesive are NOT amenable for high pressure or high temperature wash-down. Pressure sensitive adhesives typically fail under these conditions.
  •      Inhibits Ultra Violet radiation color fading.
  •      Suitable for interior and exterior signs and labels.
  •      Resists most solvents, mild acids and alkalis, alcohol, chlorine based cleaners (bleach, hypochlorite) and common household and industrial cleaning agents.
  •      Graffiti can be removed many times by cleaning with alcohol and other solvents without harming the graphics and text.

Warranty and Limitations:

Products manufactured using Sign Muscle are warranted indefinitely to be free from manufacturing defects and the Sign Muscle coating will protect the graphics and text under normal use. Normal use assumes periodic cleaning, graffiti removal, exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, heat and cold.

UV color fading is warranted indefinitely for interior and exterior installations.

The NMC warranty is limited to replacement of the sign(s) or label(s). NMC warranty does not cover any administrative costs, removal of defective signs, installation of replacement signs or any other consequential damages incurred as a result of sign or label failure(s).


Maintenance and Cleaning

Use cleaners with the least aggressive abrasives and solvents that will remove the dirt, grease, oils, residue, etc. from the surface of the sign. When using abrasives, apply the least amount of force to remove the residue.

When using high-pressure washers, keep the nozzle at least 8” from the surface of the sign and use a wide spray pattern. High pressure washing is NOT recommended for signs and labels mounted with pressure sensitive adhesives. Pressure sensitive adhesives will not maintain adhesion to the mounting surface under the force of the high pressure


Sign Muscle™ Chemical Resistance Table 

A=Excellent Rating