Guide employees and visitors to safety in case of severe weather, fire, or other emergencies by posting evacuation maps throughout your facility. Evacuation Map Holders (glow or non-glow) are made to hold self-printed evacuation maps. This bold, matte-surface, acrylic map holder captures attention and presents a professional finished image to your do-it-yourself map. Print map from your computer, slide into the holder - change the map as needed. For glow version, print your map on transparency film (not included) to allow glow feature to show properly. Map insert size measures 8.5" h x 11" w. Overall holder dimensions measure 11" w x 11.5" h. Mounting tapes included.


Made in
the USA

  • Made of clear matte-surfaced acrylic (glow or non-glow option)
  • Mounting tapes included
  • Designed to hold your self-printed maps
  • Insert printed map, change as needed
  • Custom sizes available